Thursday, December 13, 2012

Email interface to Blogger

Somehow it had slipped my attention that there is an email interface for Blogger.

It works very easily:

Setup in Blogger

  • in Settings -> Mobile and email you first have to choose an email address like where xxxxx are some secret words (supposedly only known by you)
  • you can choose whether emails sent to this address are posted right away, saved as draft or the mechanism is disabled.

    Blog creation

    Now you can use any email client to blog.
  • To:
  • Subject: The title of the blog
  • The email body in HTML will be your blog content.

    Very nice and simple but there is no security check and the email address could be guessed (maybe not likely but also not impossible) i.e. anyone could send anything. Therefore it is advisable to choose save as draft.

    I found this when looking for a way to use LibreOffice as a blog writing tool, thanks to this hint, here are the steps again.

    Setup in LibreOffice

    (on a Mac)
    In Preferences -> Internet -> E-mail browse the applications and choose /Applications/ (or any other email client) and press OK.
    Write the blog and File -> Save As HTML
    Choose File -> Send -> Document as E-mail ... and an email client Write window should open with your LibreOffice document attached. Fill in recipient and subject and send. Done.
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